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Asked Questions

The damage caused by climate change and environmental pollution is continuing.

Now is the time to change our daily lives.

Also, I have a lot of interest and expectations for UAM (urban air transportation),

Specific laws and systems are still insufficient.

Toff is aware of this situation, and he has a concrete solution

I will present business feasibility.

TOFF aims for sustainable mobility.

Rather than looking at short-term profitability, looking at the future in 10 years

We started the first step.

I'm going to take a step at a time

We will secure competitiveness and technology.

When electric cars were first introduced,

There was a lot of acceptability and safety concerns

It has established itself as a means of convenience in our daily lives.

Electric airplanes are also based on thorough stability

It will be produced and operated.

AAM is a UAM (Urban Air Transportation) and

Advanced air mobility with local air traffic (RAM).

It covers the overall business area for future aviation services,

Top Mobility prepares to expand into the UAM business, starting with the RAM business.

  Toff prepares for sustainable mobility.

  Pursue integrated mobility, starting with air mobility.

  It will include all electrically operated means of transportation.